Student Reader

Learning Institution

We identify learning institutions and assist with onboarding students by issuing Student ID Verifiable Credentials


A Learner presents their Student ID Verifiable Credential to access opportunities within the ecosystem


We partner with educators to ensure courses meet standards and to deliver course materials to students


We partner with experts in the industry to help facilitate mentoring relationships and internships

Your JOURNEY FUTURE starts here


Receive a Student ID from a Learning Institution

Receive an NFT e-book for the Atala Prism AP 101 course.  This course reader unlocks access to Atala’s AP 101 course: Foundations of Decentralized Identity

Complete courses to receive skills and completion credentials, qualifying learners for our grants, scholarships, internships, and mentorships

Choose a boot camp that fits their intrests

Request mentorship and internship opportunities Choose a boot camp that fits their interests

Easy verified onboarding with professional networking platforms

Our partners build on Cardano

Our goals is to help build our Cardano ecosystem with education and mentorships

Lido Nation, Crypsense, PLP

We have partnered with Proof Space and Atala PRISM to issue Verifiable Credentials

We have partnered with Charlie3 to verify credentials and interact with Smart Contracts on the Cardano blockchain

We have partnered with Atala Prism AP 101 Foundations of Decentralized Identity – more to come…..

We have partnered with Snapbrillia to ensure Mentor/Mentorship opportunities

We are currently exploring opportunities

We are working with and NMKR to mint NFT e-books for funding scholarships and providing course materials to students using Web3 technology.

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